My approach to the massage therapy profession is very similar to my approach to life; try to remain open, treat people with respect and dignity and don't take myself too seriously. This does not mean I do not take my clients seriously, I just believe that it's important to always leave room for the unexpected and for humor.

I received my massage therapy certification in 1988 from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and have been practicing massage therapy ever since. I utilized a variety of "techniques" such as acupressure, trigger point therapy, Esalen, Swedish, reflexology and some deeper techniques. I also received a BA in Anthropology in 1999 which I feel informs my practice in subtle ways. I am also an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Chamber of Commerce .

My clients have included CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, police officers, actors, comedians, homemakers, people from every walk of life. They have also included CEO's who are poets, homemakers who are running for congress and comedians who enjoy discussing theoretical physics. My point is that we are not just our jobs or our families or whatever it is with which we fill our days. Because of this, my intent is to approach each appointment with an open mind and heart and treat each client as the unique person they are.

I feel a profound gratitude to have found this profession and to be able to practice in a community that is full of creative, hard working, intelligent, funny, conscious and becoming more conscious folks.

With deep respect,

Virginia Lee Sprague
"Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness...until it flowers again from within..." Galway Kinnell