In-Home Massage

I am now providing in-home, gentle massage for the elderly and individuals who are homebound, in hospice care, or are recovering at home from a surgery or an illness.

The massage is done with the client in a recliner, chair or in their bed and consists of gentle massage, acupressure, foot and hand massage adapted to the needs of the client.

I have recently worked with 2 clients in their mid-nineties and they have told their care givers that the massage was the highlight of their week.

As we know, elderly people do not receive much touch and gentle massage can greatly increase a sense of well being, help manage pain and reduce stress. In addition, there is now an increased focus on palliative care and quality of life. Massage therapy can easily be added as a part of an integrative approach to care.

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I am also able to make hospital visits, providing that I have the approval of the patient’s physician.

When I’ve visited friends and family in the hospital, they have always appreciated the gentle massage that I’ve provided.

I can also do home visits for people who prefer to have massage in the home if they are able to provide a massage table. I do not currently offer in home massage where I would bring a table.